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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Traveling with baby part 2

traveling with baby

Traveling with my baby is always thrilling that adds to your journey. The expressions and the intriguing nature of the little one during a journey or once we arrived a new place is just priceless. I personally don't like to travel without my little one. I also encourage young parents to take their baby along with them during the trip.

Tajpur with my little one

Many of us have a question- when is it safe to take your baby out? Also, it is not possible to travel with your baby in every situation and places. If you are traveling in a group or with family, in this instance you get some hands to help you and you will get less exhaust. But there are many young parents like me who are not so fortunate and the seek out for guidance. I learn from my experience and that I want to share with you people.

What is the best age to travel with a baby?
It is not only the baby but after delivery, a mother also needs some rest and time to get adjusted with the new change, physically and mentally. 
I have seen some mother, after cesarian delivery who take their 2 months baby for an outing for the whole day and having absolute fun or taking their 3 months old baby for a two to three-week international trip.
I travel with 45 days old infant in international flight for more than 4 hours. So there is not any particular answer to the above question.
The best example I have seen a mom who went for a full Europe trip with family having two kids and one of them was only 9months old.
So it depends on how the parents manage the baby during a trip. Not only the mother but the father also needs to be more comfortable to handle the baby.
So once the mother is fit after delivery and both the parent comfortable managing the baby alone for feeding, giving a shower or changing the diaper without any mess can take their children out with them without any hesitation. 

dubai with infant
Four months in Dubai

Places to go and to avoid with your toddler or newborn baby

  • Avoid noisy or crowded places when you are going out with an infant or toddler. 
  • Avoid places with too much pollution and dust or smoke. They are not yet immune to deal with any pollution.
  • Avoid outside during extremely hot and cold climate for infants.
  • More than 5 to 6 hours in flight or 24 to 28hours in the train may be difficult for a baby below 6 months, so select the place for the trip in such way where travel time is less.
  • Feed the little one properly always when outside. When we are in a journey sometimes we don’t get a chance to have lunch or dinner in the perfect time but be careful when the baby is with you at least feed her/ him in their normal time.  
  • Parks and sea beaches are always the best options during a pleasant climate.
  • When traveling with an infant or toddler plan your trip in such a way that you have a hassle-free journey. I always prefer the package trip as they take care of everything and we can just enjoy the vacation.
  • Do not go to places with too high altitude where may be low oxygen level or too remote area where no medical facilities when you are traveling with kids below 3 years. Personally, I don't like to take risks with the kids.
  • Also, try to avoid boat journey in high tide in the sea. Many kids or even adults who are having seasickness definitely cannot enjoy. It may cause nausea or vomiting. Always carry the baby first aid kit with medicine. 
  • Never ever leave your baby locked in the car even for seconds when nobody there to give a company. 

travel with baby
Oman with my little one

Please read, traveling with baby Part 1 for the must carry things for the baby during the journey.

Here I tried to summarise as much as I can from my personal experience. There must be also different experiences from others. I hope it will encourage the parents to take their baby along with them during a leisure trip. If you have any further queries, feel free to post the comments below.

So, Happy journey..............

travel with baby

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