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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Nirmaljhar temple Odisha

Nirmaljhar temple, ganjham
Nirmaljhar temple

This is one of the most beautiful temples, I visited in Orissa without any crowd. You can stay & pray as long as you want, no queue to enter the temple and no entry fee.

Nirmaljhar means sacred spring which is originated from the marua hills of the baraghati mountain of Eastern Ghat. This perennial stream forms two natural pools inside the temple. The main pond is called as Magar kund. The water from the spring is channeled through open Channel to the big pond Magar kund but it said that the origin of these channels is still unknown.

Nirmaljhar temple, Odisha, Ganjham district

Mainly this is a Vishnu temple. But nilkantheshwar Shiva, Devi Vimala, Surya temple and Jagannath Temple is also there.

This temple was built in 1676 when the region came out of Mughal rule which was lasted for almost two centuries. King Balukeswar of Mardaraj dynasty converted the summer palace into this Vishnu temple which is open to all people. This was the way a new era started by King Balukeswar.

Nirmaljhar temple, Odisha, Ganjham district

Nirmaljhar temple, Odisha, Ganjham district
Nirmaljhar temple

Inside the temple wall, there are a different magnificent sculpture of Lord Vishnu, Devi Parvati, Lord Ganesh and Kartikeya, and many other deities. Vishnu dashavatar is well depicted in the wall by ancient architecture.

Photography at the temple premises is allowed.

Nirmaljhar temple, Odisha, Ganjham district

How to reach Nirmaljhar temple

This temple is in outskirts of kallikote town in Ganjam district in Orissa. From Rambha town, it is around 20 min by road( 17km). Take NH5 from Rambha toward Bhubaneswar. We went by car and used the Google road guide to reach over there.

Hotels in Nirmaljhar
No there is no staying option available. Nearest staying option is to stay in Rambha.

*Photography was done by camera Cannon 700D, lens used Canon Lens  18-200

If you have any question about the place or anything related to the travel plan, post your question in comments.

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