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Friday, May 17, 2019

Traveling with baby Part 1

Traveling with baby
Traveling with baby
Traveling with infants or toddlers are a bit difficult but not impossible but the memories you create while traveling are really incredible for a lifetime.
I traveled with my infant when she was just 45 days old, in the beginning, I was a bit worried as a new mom but it was an absolute hassle free journey. Even I have seen a mother who started traveling just after 45 days of C section with her little one and the baby was only on breastfeed.
There is no particular age for baby from when you can start traveling with them but it depends on the condition of the baby and mother.

I will share some tips which will help you when you are traveling with your infant or toddler.

10 important tips for traveling with baby

  1. Always carry extra diapers, baby wipes, soft tissue paper, baby towels, extra sets of baby clothes, baby soaps, baby cap, socks and shoes in hand luggage(Diaper Bag Backpack). These large diaper bag backpacks are very helpful for young mom and dad for any journey and also looks very smart.
  2. Basic medicines for fever, cough, loose motion, vomiting, Colic, ear drops for earache, nasal spray or drop for blocked nose, cream for diaper rash, etc must be carried in hand luggage.
  3. Keep extra water and food like cerelac, formula milk, packed smashed fruit or veggies in hand luggage depending on your traveling hour. A full tummy toddler or infant will be always in a good mood. If your infant is only on breastfeeding then make sure to feed him/her frequently.
  4. During takeoff or landing in flight just feed your baby if they are awake or crying. If the baby is sleeping let them sleep. Feeding the baby is advised always to ease the air pressure as swallowing helps in it.
  5. When you arrive any new place always use mineral water for your infants or toddlers, because the new water may not suit them and may cause diarrhea or other stomach problems.
  6. During long journeys in Flight or by road carry a few toys for baby, so they don't feel bored.
  7. During the trip, it is always advisable to give light food to your toddlers, like mashed potatoes or veggies, boiled and mashed lentils, boiled egg smashed with boiled rice. Additionally, a bit salt, pepper, and butter will add taste to it. You can give fresh fruit juices also as per the availability. Also, give plenty of water. Keep an electric kettle with you for more convenience.
  8.  If your child having a vomiting tendency or motion sickness then at least half an hour before traveling give medicine in empty stomach. Also, give very light food before traveling and also light snacks during travel as an empty stomach may cause nausea.
  9. Baby carrier or baby stroller   is advisable as per your own convenience. Baby can comfortably sleep during sightseeing or journey.
  10. Last but not the least for mothers those who had an LSCS or c section delivery, please don't pick up any heavyweight luggage during any time of travel. If mommy will be fit then baby also will be fine.

so, pack your bag and let's go... Happy journey...

Traveling with baby

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