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Monday, April 29, 2019

Taratarini temple Orissa India

taratarini temple,orissa
Taratarini temple
 Taratarini Temple

This temple is famous for being one of the major shaktipeeth among the 51 Shakti peeth and worshipped as Breast shrine (sthana peetha). From the 52 body parts of mother Sati the Breasts were fallen here.

 As per Hindu mythology after the death of Devi Sati in Dakhyayagya out if deep grief and sorrow Lord Shiva carried her body and started roaming around the universe. To bring back lord Shiva from that state Lord Vishnu cut the body of Mata Sati into 52 body parts by his Sudarshan chakra. These 52 parts fell on earth and became sacred places or Shakti peeth where people worship.  shakti peeths are the places that are believed to be blessed with the Shakti due to the falling of body parts of the corpse of Mata Sati.

Photography not allowed inside the temple but you can take from outside.

taratarini temple odisha
Temple from outside

Taratarini temple entry fee

The entry fee per head is Rs. 5. The ticket can be purchased on the counter beside the temple.

How to reach Taratarini Temple

 The temple is on the top of Kumari hills at the bank of Rushikulya River near near the place name  Brahmapur or Berhampur city in Ganjam district in Orissa.

rushikulya river orissa
Rushikulya river
The nearest airport is Bhubaneswar airport (Biju pattanayak international airport). From the airport to Taratarini Temple is around 160 Km and it takes around 3 to 4 hours to reach.

The nearest railway station is Brahmapur or Berhampur railway station (BAM). There are a number of trains which runs between Bhubaneswar station to Brahmapur. There are also trains between khurda road station to Brahmapur. Please check the timings before booking. From station to Taratarini Temple is around 32 km and will take around 1 hour to reach. There taxis available from Brahmapur station to Taratarini Temple.
Taratarini saktipith

Taratarini Temple timings
Morning 5am to 12.30pm and in the afternoon 2.30pm to 9.45pm. it may change during any special festival day.

Hotels near Taratarini Temple
Best staying options are the hotels in Brahmapur or Berhampur. Hotels are around 20-22 km from the main temple. You have to take taxies to reach to the temple.

the architecture of the temple wall

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