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Friday, April 19, 2019

Trip to Egypt -Land of the Pharaohs

Egypt (Giza, Cairo, and Alexandria)

pyramids, egypt
Egypt pyramid

 Finally, we visited one of our dream destinations. Egypt the land of mummies and pyramids. For history lovers, this is one of the must-visit a place.

We travelled with a 2.5 years kiddo, so was little worried that how she will adjust in a new place but It was an absolute hassle-free trip. It was our first international trip from UAE. We arranged our own  Egypt tourist VISA   from the Egyptian consulate in Dubai. Flight, Hotel and All the sightseeing was well arranged by travel agent. As I travel with toddler so I always prefer pre-booking to enjoy a hasslefree trip.

We visited three states in Egypt - Giza, Kairo, and Alexandria.

How to reach Egypt
Cairo international airport and Alexandria (Borg el Arab) international airport are the two best options to reach in Egypt and to start your trip from there. We arrived at Alexandria airport.

Day 1.

Early morning around 5am we reached Alexandria airport. From there by car directly went to Cairo. It took around two and a half hours to reach our hotel. We checked in our hotel around 8 am. After having breakfast we started our journey towards pyramids in Giza.

camel ride near Pyramids

sphinx, egyptian sphinx, pyramids
Sphinx and Pyramids

It will take around 3 to 4 hours to see all the three pyramids and sphinx. After that, in the late afternoon, we went to a papyrus shop where we saw the process of making papyrus - the first manufactured paper in Egypt.  In the evening we went to the bank of the river Nile – one of the longest river in the world.  Returned to the hotel in the evening.

papyrus, original papyrus
Original papyrus

Nile, river nile, Nile in Cairo
River Nile

Day 2.

mummies coffin in Egypt museum
Mummies coffin
After breakfast, we headed towards the famous Egyptian museum in Cairo. It took around Almost 3 to 4 hours to see the whole museum. 

Anubis, Egyptian God
Anubis inside Museum

Khan al Khalili market

Next destination was khan Al Khalili the market- The famous traditional Egyptian market place. This place is quite crowded. Here we can get all kind of Egyptian clothes, jewelry, antic showpieces, and other different items. For the tourist, it is difficult to negotiate with a good price, so better to take help from your tour guide. It will take at least an hour if you want to take look at the whole market place.

Day 3- Alexandria
Today early morning after breakfast we check out from Cairo hotel and headed towards Alexandria. Within two and a half hour we reached Alexandria. 

Alexandria street
A busy street in Alexandria
 The must visit places in Alexandria are Montaza Garden, Citadel, Alexandria library, Roman theater, Catacomb.
Montaza palace, Alexandria
Montaza palace
Citadel alexandria

stanley bridge

You will enjoy the beautiful view of the Mediterranean sea in this city.

Mediterranean Sea

After the whole day sightseeing in Alexandria, we directly went to the airport for the return flight.

Best time to visit
Always winter is the best time to visit Egypt. December to march the climate is pleasant. It's very hot during the summer. We went during the 1st week of December. It was too much windy. Daytime we didn't were a sweater but after sunset, it gets colder(min 6 degrees). You must carry woollen clothes.

Cost for the Egypt trip
There is a common entry fee (160 EGP ) for Giza pyramids and also separate entry fee (360EGP for great pyramid and 100EGP for 2nd or 3rd pyramid) to go inside pyramids.

Look at the below picture for the Egyptian Museum entry fee. We went in the morning.

Egyptian museum entry fee
Egyptian Museum Entry Fee

Hotel rates changes as per season. In summer it is less compared to the winter season. We stayed in hotel Hilton Ramses. You can get the current room rates on the hotel website.

The overall cost for the trip may be around 800USD including everything (flight, hotel, sightseeing, food). But the cost may be variable during different seasons.

Important tips for the trip
1. If you are travelling through Alexandria airport then remember this airport is having basic facilities and waiting for a long time with infant/toddler is difficult. So please carry enough Diapers and food.
2. Careful while travelling in local taxis.
3. Revealing clothes are not advisable in public places.
4. Be aware of pickpocketers in public places

My Equipment : Camera700 D: Mobile: SD Cards: Tripod: Laptop:

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