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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Ajamtala Mandir (Temple):-A place where both Hindus and Muslims worship together.

Ajamtala Mandir (Temple): -A place where both Hindus and Muslims worship together.

Ajamtala Temple/Ajamtala mandir Barrackpore Titagarh
Ajamtala Temple

Ajamtala Temple is a place in West Bengal Barrackpore where Devi Chandi and Pir Baba are worshiped together by both Hindu and Muslim communities.
Inside the temple, there is a Peepal tree where Devi Chandi and Pir Baba both are worshiped. A Shiv Linga is also placed inside the temple.

History of the place:-

From the local people, we heard the story that around 60 to 70 years before a person came from Bangladesh. In his dream, Devi Chandi ordered to worship her in the place (under the peepal tree) where Pir was buried. Those days Azan sounds were Heard from that place even there was nobody. Since then the place is a holy place for both Hindu and Muslim.

Ajamtala Temple/Ajamtala mandir Barrackpore
Ajamtala Mandir

Main puja timings

As per the Bengali calendar, 1st Magh (during January or February) is the day when the main puja takes place. The place gets crowded by thousands. They worship on a particular day to fulfill their wishes.

Ajamtala Temple Barrackpore
Peepal tree Ajamtala mandir

How to reach Ajamtala Mandir:-

There are a number of direct local trains from Sealdah Station. Get down in Barrackpore station or Titagarh station. Take a rickshaw or Toto. It will take around 20 minutes. Ajamtala is a quite famous name over there so you can ask the local people for a road direction.
This place is also well connected to Kolkata by road. 

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