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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, UAE

Al qasba evening
Evening At Al Qasba

After Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Sharjah is the most popular destination in UAE. There are some beautiful places to see in your UAE visit. 

Best places to visit in Sharjah

1.Sharjah Aquarium
A must visit place in your UAE trip to discover the deep sea creatures. There are different types of corals and deep-sea fishes to look for. You can explore the colorful world of the deep sea. Entry fee of Sharjah aquarium is cheaper than Dubai mall aquarium. Entry fee for Adult AED 15 per head and for children (between age 2-12) AED 10. The museum is open from Saturday to Thursday 8am to 8pm and Friday 4pm to 10 pm.

marine park sharjah, aqua park sharjah
Sharjah Aquarium

2. Al Qasba
Main attraction for tourist in Al Qasba is the giant wheel (Eye of emirates) and the boating through the canal. There is traditional boat (Abra)  ride . Ticket AED 15 per adult, AED10 for children between 4-10 years, AED 100 for a private tour. Also, the self-drives electric small boat (water Karts) where max 3 people can ride together, which I feel more interesting. Cost for this around AED 60 per Kart. Eye of emirates the 60 feets giant wheel where you will be inside the air condition small cabin and the the view of Sharjah from the top looks just awesome. Ticket for adult is AED 30 and for children AED15.

3.Sharjah Classic car museum
This is an ideal place to visit for all the classic car lovers . There is a collection of more than 100 vintage cars. This is very near to Sharjah international airport. For details just see this link

4.Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization
It is an excellent place to know about Islamic civilization. A very informative place with a great exhibition of old historical collections. Entry fee is around AED 15 per person.
Opposite to this museum, there is beautiful Buhaira Corniche, enjoy an evening walk there.

sharjah museum, islamic museum
Sharjah museum

5. Sharjah National park
The largest green park in Sharjah. A good place for hangout with friends and family. Especially for kids a great place to play around. Below 5 years no entry fee. For adults AED 6 per head.
Sharjah national park, sharjah park
Sharjah park

For the people those who are traveling with limited time for them it's advisable to go only the museum or aqua park. But if you already visited Aquapark in Dubai mall then you can skip the Sharjah one.

Abu dhabi
Abu dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of UAE and the second most popular city after Dubai. Compare to Dubai here fewer tourist attractions. The main attraction in Abu Dhabi is the Grand Mosque. An amazing architectural design.

Best Places to visit in Abu Dhabi

1.Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque: The largest mosque in the country with the amazing architectural design. No entry fee. There is restrictions in dressing. You must wear full sleeve top and full pants with covering your head with a scarf. Otherwise, there is burqa or abaya available for visitors to wear before entering the mosque.

Grand Mosque, sheik Zayed mosque
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

2. Abu Dhabi palace:
One of the most expensive hotel with beautiful interior design and architecture. But you can have a free entry inside the lobby and enjoy the ambiance.

inside abu dhabi palace
inside Abudhabi palace

3. Ferrari world: This is the first Ferrari branded largest theme park in the country on Yas Island. Entry fee is variable depends on the different offer.

Ferrari world Abu Dhabi
Ferrari World

4.Abu Dhabi heritage village: This is the place where you find the desert animal, antique and handicrafts and beside a beach also. Nice to visit for one time.

Abu dhabi heritage village

In Abu Dhabi & Sharjah visit remember that there are restrictions in clothing in many places. Revealing clothes, short dress is not allowed.

If you are coming for a short trip to UAE you can skip Sharjah and in Abu Dhabi you can just visit Ferrari world and Grand Mosque. 1 day is enough for Abu Dhabi. You need more time for Dubai as many places are which you must not miss in your trip.

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