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Steemit-You will get rewards for writing and curation.

What is steemit?

You will get rewards for writing and curation.

It is a social media platform and blogging platform based on the blockchain. It based on steem blockchain reward platform.  

As like facebook and reddit it is also a social media platform but the user gets rewards for its involvement such as upvoting, commenting and posting. Rewards are in the form of steem and steem dollar. Basically, everyone can earn. It is a decentralized platform.

Its based on SMT(smart media token) developed by steemit.

Different Platform in steemit are:

1-DTube ( )- Alternative to youtube but without advertisement, people can upload their video and can earn a reward.

2-Steemit ( A blogging platform. You can earn a reward by posting article.

3-Dmania ( - It is an image upload platform.  

4-D live ( - live broadcast platform. You can sing in the live broadcast,     and get a reward.

5-D sound ( - sharing your music work through this platform, You get earned.

6-Steepshot( sharing site. You can upload a photo and get a reward.

Earning depends on the effort and the contribution on the steemit.


1- Don'ts spam
2- Don’ts Plagiarism


1-When your upvoting aim to contribute value.
2-When your posting try to put the valuable thing to the community.

The stemit community is different from all other platforms. You can post anything and simultaneously you have to build your reputation too. Your reputation depends on your behavior and the value that you are giving to the community.

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