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14 legitimate way to make money online with 0 investment.:-

1-Youtube-Starting a Youtube channel is the easiest way with zero investment.

      Earning- can range from 100$- 16.5m$

2-Blogging- You can also start a blogging with zero investment.
        Earning   depends on the niche and traffic -100$-30m$

Blogging Platform for newbies are-
 > from Googe


3-Affiliate Marketing- It is a Commision based earning. When any customer buys a product through your provided link, you get a commission(depend on the product and commission percentage).

 *Select domain and niche as per your interest.
 Exp- if your technology guys try to sell and review on gadgets.

 Top 3 Affiliate sites -


4-CPA Marketing-It is also commision based earning like affiliate marketing. Difference between affiliate marketing and CPA is that in CPA if the product is not sold also you will earn. If someone clicks on your affiliate link and completes an action-
The action could be-
         1- Providing email address
         2- sign up for the free trial a product
         3-Downloading a mobile app
         4-Requesting a Quote.

    6 common types of CPA are:-
        1-Zip code lead capture
             -avg payout 1$ per lead
        2- Lead Generation
             -avg payout 1$ per lead and 20$ per phone lead.
        3-Email lead capture
             -avg payout 1$ per lead
        4-sales conversion
             -avg payout up to 500$ (again depending on the commision and price range of the   product.)
        5-Free trial offer-
            -avg payout 40$ for a long-term subscription.
 -Avg payout 1$ per lead but addition commision for future purchase and commission.

Common terms to know before start CPA marketing:-

1- CPM(cost per mile).- It is based on no views. Cost of your add for 1000 impression. An impression occurs when the ads get successfully loaded viewers page or application.
Exp: banner adds

2-CPV(cost per view) or PPV(Pay per view)- It different from CPM, it is a cost per single view.
                Exp:-Video ads or Pop up ads.

3-CPC(Cost per Click)- Advertiser pay whenever the ads get clicked.

4-CPE(Cost per Engagement)-It similar like CPC but not necessarily end up on clicking the add.

5-CPA(Cost per Action)-Advertiser pay only if conversion happen.

6-CPL(Cost per Lead) PPL(Pay per lead)-Advertiser pay only if the lead is generated.

7-CPI(Cost per install)-.Advertiser pay when the app or software that they are promoting get a download.

5-By Selling a video course in Udemy:-

Udemy is an online learning marketplace. Udemy has a huge list of course in everything from programming to Photography and much more.
Suitable for- Teaching and Learning. Earning depend on your course topic.
Min course fee start-9$

6-By Selling a service on Fiverr:-

As like Udemy, it is a place where people are paid for there services.
Minimum service payout is 5$.
Any type of services can be provided.

7-Develop Mobile application:-
People who know coding will be an advantage. But there are many app and tools using that you can create professional level apps without coding.
      Payout Depend on the app application   
8-Sell Photos:-

Best for the photographer. People can sell photo on - work on steemit Platform.

9-Teach Your native language:-

Teach the language that you are confident and earn money.

10-Do Transcribing

Transcribing means converting video and audio files into written copy for reading purposes.   

The payout is 5$ to 40 $ per Hour.

11-  Dropshipping:-

A concept related to the e-commerce business. It's a method in which buy a cheap product from one retailer and sell it to the customer.


Make your online store and started to sell your product. You will get paid when someone buys from your store.

13- Do survey:-

Get paid by taking surveys.
        Earn Bitcoin and other coins

14-In decentralize Platform:

              To know more about decentralize platform click here.

Some of the decentralize platforms to earn Altcoin
-Eobot-Earn Cryptocurrency through cloud mining.
-Presearch - earn while searching

-Minds-social network platform

-Kryptonia-Get reward(superior coin) by completing task.

-Bit.Tube-Earn while watching.

-Weku- Like steemit you will get reward for posting,curation and voting.

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