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Monday, August 27, 2018

Trip to Tajpur Digha (India)

One of the best weekend destination in West Bengal India. Famous for the Tajpur Beach. We started early morning from Kolkata by car and reached before 2pm. On the way stopped at famous Sher e Punjab dhaba to have our breakfast. Next day we came back before 11pm. It was a wonderful weekend trip for 1 night.

The famous tajpur beach
Tajpur beach

How to reach

Nearest railway station Digha. By road 170km from Kolkata. A lot of buses available from Kolkata to Digha. Even you can book Uber till Digha or Mandarmani.  No direct bus or uber service available to Tajpur.
Nearest Airport is Netaji Subash Chandra Bose International airport (Kolkata).

Why Tajpur
Less crowded compared to nearest tourist spots Digha
Tajpur beach is the most beautiful and photogenic beach with a dense forest of casuarina trees.
Peaceful to stay and easy to visit nearby places Digha, Mandarmani, Shankarpur, Udaipur beach. Parasailing available in Udaipur beach.

The day we reached Tajpur around 2 pm, after lunch we spend the time in Tajpur beach. next day morning around 9pm we check out from the hotel and went on visiting Digha, Udaipur beach. On the way to return even Mandarmani and shankarpur beach can be visited. 

If no traffic on the road you can be back to Kolkata before 11pm.

udaipur beach
Udaipur beach

check out parasailing complete video on Udaipur Beach

Hotels in Tajpur

There are fewer hotels and resorts compare to Digha or Mandarmani. It is always good to book a decent hotel before if you are travelling with kids and family. Tajpur is not a very well developed till now so you can not expect any five stars or four-star hotel there.  Most of the hotels will have only basic facilities. 

List of the hotels in Tajpur

  • Sabuj Saikat resort
  • The blue lagoon Resort
  • Sagar kinare
  • Tajpur holiday inn
  • La macaw resort
  • Tajpur nature camp
  • Lake view village resort
We stayed in Sabuj Saikat resort for 1 day. It was neat and clean. The double bedroom was around Rs.1500 per Night, Meal per head Rs.600breakfast+lunch+evening snacks+dinner). Food quality and quantity superb.

sabuj saikat resort tajpur
sabuj saikat resort Tajpur

Tajpur is costly to stay and food compare to Digha and Mandarmani. You can stay in Digha at a cheaper price and visit  Tajpur as well.

Must know for the trip

The best option to go by car so anytime you can move in any emergency. Public transport is not easily available.
Carry first aid and important medicine as its still a village and no marketplace.
Do not roam around alone after dark for your own safety. The beach is not safe in the night.

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