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You must know before you move to UAE

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In a total population of UAE 80 % considered as an expat. People are coming from all the corner of the globe, so you have to avoid prejudice against other nationality and culture. On March 14 August in Rome, it announced that UAE has taken 20th place among the happiest country in the world. You can feel happy safe and secure. Friday is considered a weekend here. They are zero percent intolerant to crime and bad behavior, a huge amount of fine, imprisonment and even the deportation of the country may happen. Skype and Whatsapp call are banned at here.

UAE main source of income is:-

Industry Type:-
Petroleum and petrochemicals:
Financial services
Commercial ship repair
Aerospace parts

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Different tiers of population accordingly to their salary are:

Emirati -(Local People)- they are rich, govt take many steps so as they can get all the necessary benefits to maintain their lives in a luxurious way. They  Spent their money on cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini,Bugatti etc.

Rich class:(European, American or Highly educated Arabians or Asian)-They have the cash in there pocket to enjoy the life that the city can offer. They either work in any organization as a high management position such as COO, CEO, CFO or etc. or they run their own business. They have 4BHK to 5 BHK flats or Villas in Dubai or Abudhabi. They spend their money on shopping, cars, hotels, travel or any amusement activities. They are 5-10% of the total NRI. They earn around AED 30k-90k (maybe more) monthly.

Middle-class (Mostly Asians, Africans, Migrated Arabians) -Most of them can afford the decent lifestyle with limited luxury. They are the majority of the population. But struggling to maintain their lifestyle and children education, room rent, insurances, and transportation. They are around 40% of the NRI population. They earn around 5k-30k monthly.

Labors and maids-(Mostly Asians and Africans with Less education or no education background)-. Male works as a construction worker and to maintain the city and female generally works as a maid. They work with minimum wages. They are 50% of the total NRI. There salary ranges up to 1k -2k monthly. Usually, they stay in the labor camps or beds space in a flat.

Most important points to be noted:-

-UAE doesn't offer citizenship.
-Cost of living is too high in Dubai and Abu Dhabi compared to other places likes Sharjah, Ajman, Um al Qwin, Al ain, Fujairah.
-Dubai and Abu Dhabi have many places for entertainment but at a high price.
-Education in a standard International school is costly.
-Alcohol and prostitution are illegal. Though many pubs are running. To buy alcohol you should have a specialized license in Dubai.
-Public display of affection is not welcome. You could get fine or even imprisonment.
-During the month of Ramadan eating or drinking in public places during fasting hours are not allowed. Restaurants remain close during fasting hours.
-Though wearing Burka/ Avaya is not mandatory but in some places there is restrictions in some clothes.
-Safety and security are high for women. Ladies driven cabs are also available.
-Follow Bus, metro and pedestrian rules. Hefty fine will be imposed to break the rules, knowingly or unknowingly. Men are not allowed to enter the female coaches. Eating drinking and sleeping are not allowed on public transport.

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