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Career opportunities for Bioscience graduates

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There are many students who wish to pursue their career in Bioscience after plus two. Before you proceed you must know what are job opportunities in this field apart from the research programme (Ph.D.) and Govt jobs.

Those who have done /, of course, going for Ph.D. will be the best option. But there are many students who cannot afford for Ph.D. or the circumstances don't allow them or simply they just like to go for the job. So I will discuss here the other possible career opportunities in private sectors.

1.Medical coding: This is one of the best options for bioscience especially physiology, microbiology, biotechnology graduates.

Fresh graduates without any professional medical coding certificates also can apply for this job. There are multiple MNC who hires the fresher medical coder. You can apply through an online job portal.

For better growth in the medical coding field, professional certifications are necessary. Eg. CPC, CCS

2.Medical adjudication & medical billing: This is another option for bioscience graduates. It is also called as medical claim examination for adjudication. Medical billing includes data entry, processing and sometimes calling. Though from another field also people can apply for this but knowledge of anatomy physiology diseases will always have an added advantages. There are a number of outsourcing companies who hire fresh graduates.

3. Clinical data management jobs: This is another best job option. But getting into this job is not easy for freshers. The leading company for this is Quintiles. There are also other MNC who offers jobs in clinical data management for Bioscience freshers.

4. Jobs in food industry: Graduates/postgraduates in Biotechnology or food technology or microbiology can apply for this jobs.

5.Medical representative: Though from any background people can apply for it but with a background from bioscience will always have an added advantage for career growth in this field.
Medical representative for medical instruments also a good option.

How to apply for jobs:

First upload your resume in online job portals. eg. Naukri, monster, times job, indeed etc . when uploading your resume in headline add the keywords which job you are looking for. eg. “medical coding”, “medical billing”, “Clinical data” etc.

Also post your resume on the particular company website in career option. Search the company names in google. Go to their website. There will career option to apply for.

Mail your resume to Company email id

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